Uploading Video

OSP provides the ability for Users to upload video directly to the system without streaming. This may be useful in cases where post-production needs to be added to a previously recorded video.


To upload video to OSP, a few settings must be configured by the Administrator

Under Admin -> Settings, the “Allow Users to Upload Video” setting must be enabled. Users which will be uploading video must be granted the Uploader Role under Admin -> Users


  • Users must have a channel setup prior to uploading

  • Videos must be in H.264 MP4 fomat

  • Videos must be 4 GB or less

How to Upload

  1. Click on your username in the upper right corner and click “Upload Video” Upload Video Menu Dropdown

  2. Add A Title, Select your Channel, and Add a Video File. Thumbnail and Description are optional. If no thumbnail is added, one will be generated automatically. Click Upload when you are Done. Upload Video Metadata Modal

  3. If the video upload is successful, the new Video page will open automatically. Upload Video Redirect Screen