Swagger API


API Screenshot The API can be accessed at: http(s)://<fqdn>/apiv1.

For authenticated endpoints, an API key is needed, which can be created by users with the streamer role in the user menu to the top right. Requests to authenticated endpoints must have the ‘X-API-KEY’: header field set with a valid API key.


In this example a chat message is sent to a chat channel endpoint.

Username: botname
Message: beep bob
Endpoint: channels/chat/72223bf3-be79-4a2a-88d9-c7bdce271f0e
API Key: d26de1eb2d48a784e109b29025632fc1a0211a2ffbede09672c8cf6f4321fb0000c49cb243e2d07e

curl -X POST "http://localhost/apiv1/channels/chat/72223bf3-be79-4a2a-88d9-c7bdce271f0e?username=botname&message=beep%20bop" \    -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "X-API-KEY: d26de1eb2d48a784e109b29025632fc1a0211a2ffbede09672c8cf6f4321fb0000c49cb243e2d07e"